Easing the burden
of property research for Contractors

We understand that being prepared for a job with measurements can be the difference maker in a potential clients decision on which contractor to use for a particular project.

With our area and distance calculators you have readily available information that helps you prepare and plan a site visit that can make you look like the real professional. All contractors know, without a doubt, accuracy of a tool is pivotal in being a useful tool, that is why when creating our area calculator we established it within inches per thousand sq ft. Distances when dealing in feet, our app cannot be compared to on the internet. Let's take a look and see how to utilize the game changing applications made specifically for contractors.

Here we'll start with using the area calculator in a hypothetical situation and then progress to using the distance calculator in how it can be of help in staging a job. Type in Gulf Bay Club Sarasota, Fl in the address bar off to the right with the “Address, city, state, or place” in gray lettering above the map. You have the opportunity to bid on covering over the back pool deck and the surrounding fence. Zoom out enough to find the pool and hover over the pool while using the scroll wheel to zoom in as close as possible.

To find the measuring options go into the upper left hand corner and you will see three bars in the gray area indicating a menu bar, click on it. Look for the “Draw and Measure” title and click on it. The area and distance calculator are automatically enabled and the first place you click on the map a red dot will appear, if the dot does not appear where you want it click on it and drag it to the desired location. Follow the outline of the deck until the area calculator has shaded the entire deck in gray. Off to the left on the menu bar the total square footage is shown down to the hundredths of a ft. Make sure to finish off the red line so the dots are as near as can be if you want to use the distance calculator for a measurement of an outline for borders, footings, etc.

Repeat the process for the pool by first resetting the distance calculator with the “Clear Measure” icon in the menu bar. After getting the measurements you need to become accustomed with the renovation, zoom back out and using the distance calculator look for locations for storage of materials and job site set up. Now on your site visit you can come with information instead of questions. After checking the measurements with a tape come back to the internet and see if you can be one step ahead.

From decking contractors to roofers, and anyone in between who needs an area calculator for double checking their measurements or a distance calculator to help them know what equipment will fit where for staging a project, you will wonder what you did without it.

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