Easing the burden
of property research for Real Estate professionals

Any good real estate agent knows that one of the most crucial pieces of public information is which school district a home is located in.

The only problem is, that information doesn't mean that it is easily accessible, on our site we are breaking down those barriers and including the boundary line of a district.

Let's use an example in Manatee County Florida. I have a customer who has two kids in middle and one in high school, they have outgrown their house but still want to be close to the beach and want their high school child to stay in the same school district, after listening to their needs, I have determined they want a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house. So after finding several homes that I think will be of interest go to propertyappraiser.com and in the upper right hand corner above the US Map type in the first address, you will be taken to a satellite image of that house and a marker will be placed on that location, make sure to rename the title in the box to something that is easily recognizable. Repeat the process of typing in the address until you have completed all of the listings of interest.

Now that I have all of the listings plotted it's time to get the overlay of the districting. Go to the upper left hand corner where you see three small lines indicating a menu, click on it. A drop down menu will appear and I want to click on the line item that says “Boundaries and Overlays”. I want to click on the “High School Boundary” and the school district will be outlined (blue – high, orange – middle, red – elementary) and can be overlapped at the same time. Hover over the dot that appears to see the name of the school in that particular area. Armed with this information, you are now able to waste less time and money driving around looking for places that are not of interest to your client.

There are many more tools we have available to a real estate agent than just school district mapping, need to find a place that will fit an RV or boat on the side of the house? We have a distance calculator that is the most accurate on the internet (see contractor tutorial). Want turn-by-turn directions to all those places that you just mapped out? We have a driving directions tool. A simple legal form? Now its all right there, without having seventeen confusing windows to browse through.

The internet revolutionized the home buying experience, now we're revolutionizing the home selling careers.

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